Workshop Schedule

The Workshop will be held in person on Friday, Dec 2, 2022, at the New Orleans Convention Center, as part of the NeurIPS 2022 conference. The NeurIPS homepage for our workshop is here.

If you are interested in watching the livestream of the workshop, please register on the NeurIPS website with the “Virtual Only Pass” option. You will then have access to the workshop livestream.

8:00-8:40AM: Poster setup

8:40-9:00AM: Opening Remarks

9:00-9:30AM: Invited Talk: Kelsey Allen

9:30-10:00AM: Invited Talk: Azalia Mirhoseini

10:00-10:30AM: Coffee Break and Discussions

10:30-11:00AM: Contributed Talks from Submissions: Part 1

  • Expander Graph Propagation. Presenter: Petar Veličković
  • Condensing Graphs via One-Step Gradient Matching. Presenter: Wei Jin
  • Diffusion Models for Graphs Benefit From Discrete State Spaces. Presenter: Karolis Martinkus
  • How Powerful is Implicit Denoising in Graph Neural Networks. Presenter: Jinghui Chen
  • GraphCG: Unsupervised Discovery of Steerable Factors in Graphs. Presenter: Shengchao Liu

11:00AM-12:00PM: Poster Sessions: Morning

12:00-1:00PM: Lunch Break

1:00-1:30PM: Invited Talk: Francesco Di Giovanni

1:30-2:00PM: Invited Talk: Matej Balog

2:00-2:30PM: Invited Talk: Xavier Bresson

2:30-3:00PM: Contributed Talks from Submissions: Part 2

  • Spectrum Guided Topology Augmentation for Graph Contrastive Learning. Presenter: Lu Lin
  • Provably expressive temporal graph networks. Presenter: Amauri Souza
  • A New Graph Node Classification Benchmark: Learning Structure from Histology Cell Graphs. Presenter: Claudia Vanea
  • Faster Hyperparameter Search on Graphs via Calibrated Dataset Condensation. Presenter: Mucong Ding
  • Complete the Missing Half: Augmenting Aggregation Filtering with Diversification for Graph Convolutional Networks. Presenter: Chenqing Hua
  • ACMP: Allen-Cahn Message Passing with Attractive and Repulsive Forces for Graph Neural Networks. Presenter: Yuelin Wang

3:00-3:30PM: Coffee Break and Discussions

3:30-4:15PM: Panel discussions: The Future of Graph Learning

4:15-5:00PM: Poster Sessions: Afternoon

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us via email: